30 March 2013

Space Invaders Twinpost

I am a huge fan of Arcade games. Space Invaders was one of the first games I played, on console.
I even have a Nintendo keychain. Nerdy? 'Ell yeah!

When the time came around to do Cheeky plate CH45, I knew what to do. Girl, have I been waiting for this plate. Feel the 8-bit love!!

I used Wet N Wild -Black Creme as background, and stamped using Sinful Color - Snow Me White.
For ring- and little finger I used Two Way Striper- and Nail Art Pens in red and white.  To create the "A" and "B" buttons on the controller for Nintendo.
In he-insight I should have made the red dots bigger...

To see what Mishka did the same plate, head over here. 
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