30 March 2013

Field Marigolds

This is a belated twinpost with Mishka. It's from the Cheeky (Summer Collection) CH44 plate.
The image we choose looks like marigolds to me, so I had to go for something yellow.

This is not like me at all, I don't have that many yellows, and I hardly use them. It must be the Easter-feel coming over me. Funny enough. So did Mishka. So this twinpost will be featuring the same stamping plate, and both are using yellow. How cool is that?!

For this manicure I used Miss Sporty - 453. A pastel-y yellow.
I used 3 coats, as the first 2 coats went on a bit streaky.

I have decided to go back to keeping my nails short. As I am mountain hiking and climbing 1-2 times a week, they then to get in the way of a good grip, and breaking them while on the top of a mountain, is just not the way to go. 

I was trying to find some pretty yellow flowers for this post while hiking over Craven Arms, and I came over these.

But you didn't come here to look at flowers. Let's have a look at the manicure. I used Kicks MakeUp Nail Polish - Metro Gray. Here it is! To see what Mishka did with the image, you can find here manicure by clicking here. 

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  2. Wow your nailarts really cool!
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