18 September 2012

Vacation Update

I am so sorry I have totally MIA here. I have O.D. on nail-polish-shopping.
I am still on vacation, the cord to my camera is missing, and I am trying to find a new one, seems like that isnt as easy as I thought, but don't worry beauties. I will find one.

I thought I should jump in here, and so a quick update to tell you all, that I am alright.
I have been to Models Own in Westfield London, I have been to 100s of Boots, Superdrugs etc in search for W7s, Barry Ms, and other polishes.

I had them all on my bed one day, looking over to see what I had found, and sort it out. Some of them are for Mishka, from Lacquer or Leave Her! . She gave me the most amazing shopping list, and there where so many beauties there. I bought some of the same.. I couldn't resist.

I dont have a complete list over all the things you see here, but I remember seeing:

Hidden Treasure
Mercury Miasma
Cosmic Karma

Barry M
Croc Nail Effects
Chameleon Nail Effects: Blue
Vivid Purple
Silvery Lilac
Aqua Green
Black Multi-Glitter
Instant Nail Effects Magnetic: Dark Silver
Instant Nail Effects Magnetic: Burgundy
Instant Nail Effects Foil: Silver
Instant Nail Effects Foil: Gold
Instant Nail Effects Foil: Purple

Max Factor
Fantasy Fire

Models Own
Mirrorball Collection
Golden Green Beetlejuice

Holographics Collection

Stay tuned for swatches by both me and Mishka in the following days :)
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