23 February 2015

That one time ... Watermarvel

I think it is important to report the "not so successful" attempts every now and then.
Specially when you can identify what went wrong in the process.

So this attempt started the same way as all the other:
Polish goes in water, spreads, drag needle over, dry over night.
Yet, it turned out quite different.

IsaDora - 179 - Winter Rose
W7 - 140 - Buff
ESSIE - Little Brown Dress

close up few minutes after it was made

15 h later, it looks like this

I could still make a nice manicure out of it, so it wasn't completely ruined, but it baffled me that it turned out so differently. As I hadn't had any failed attempts at all using this technique I wanted to find out what went wrong.
I asked the girls at Polish-aholics Anonymous on Facebook, and the suggestions ranged from water contamination, to temperature drops, and even air contamination. One suggested it might simply be the polishes I choose.

So I went to the scientific method, and worked on eliminating one and one of these theories.
By using the same polishes in the same order with new water, and with a lid, the problem still occurred. So it could not be air- or water contamination. Though, this was a very good bet.
As I had used the same water all week, there was a possibility that water contamination could be a factor. I would lift the decal out of the water, and make a new one right away, so the water was never changed. However this had not, and continued not to be the problem, so it had to be something else.

I then decided to use the same polishes but to swap out one of them. As I am not the biggest fan of IsaDora - Winter Rose, that was the polish I decided to swap out. This attempt had no errors and can be found following this link:

Vintage Wood - A watermarble adventure

I was twisting and turning on the decal. It wasn't much to work with, and it had gaps here and there. Some of it simply crumbled away when I took it out of the water.

 It's not my best work, hehe, but I made it, kinda, work.

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  1. At least you tried! I still haven't even done that!!!!

    1. I tried and tried for a full week. One marble each day. Was getting a bit insane at the end. So I placed the rest of them in a plastic bag to use them later, so I am interested to see how long they keep in there.

  2. So I'm nosying around here and of course I had to start with a watermarble tag. :) I'm glad I did, just to tell you I encountered this same problem, too, actually, and I always just put it down to that one polish not playing nicely with others. *shrug*

    1. In this case IsaDora - Winter Rose has a very troublesome consistency even when applied regularly on the nails. So in this case it really was that polish.

      You nosying around has made me look at the water decals I made and as they still look to be in pristine condition, I will attempt to use them in the coming weeks. :)


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