19 May 2016

Circles on Circles

A while back I showed you all the Bookouture Girls Collection from Ard As Nails. Today I am pulling out a polish from that collection again. 

Ard As Nails is a 5-free, cruelty free, EU Approved Indie nail polish brand here in the UK.

Ard As Nails UK Indie
Swatch of Ard As Nails - White Cliff Bay

Pet'la - Ceres is filled with stamping images from Crop Circles, and while you may not be a huge fan of the phenomena itself, this is a very pretty stamping plate with a lot of circular images. I think they translate very well to nail art. So today I thought I would bring it back out for another look.

I also used Petla - Ceres for my nail art when I did my swatch post of Ard As Nails - Summer Flings And Dancing Dreams. You can check that post out here. 

Circle Nail Art
Ard As Nails - White Cliff Bay stamped with L'orèal - Sublime Platine and Petla - Ceres stamping plate.
For the nail art shown above I used L'orèal - Sublime Platine as my stamping polish. 

If you would like a full review of Pet'la - Ceres stamping plate, check out my Youtube Channel. I recently uploaded a video all about it. 

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