25 October 2015

Ceramic Elaine

Fall is all over us and people everywhere is getting ready for Halloween. Having done all sorts of elaborate stamping designs lately I felt like toning it down a little.

As I am writing this I have been struck with a sudden loss of hearing and everything is rolled in cotton balls. First sign of the weather getting colder I suppose and a cold getting ready to strike me. Hopefully it will pass as soon as possible.

For this manicure I used A England - Elaine. Fully opaque in two coats, and used one coat of Layla - CE52 over. I really like how this looks, and I am sure it makes the perfect base for some elaborate stamping, but today I am going to enjoy it as is.

A England - Elaine with Layla - CE52
If you love flakies, this is truly a gorgeous polish and I just love how Layla - CE52 looks over Elaine. This is a very obvious pairing, since CE52 looks very purple in the bottle, and I am sure it will look just as gorgeous over other polishes. Which polish would you use? Leave me a comment down below and I will try it out for you.

A England - Elaine with Layla - CE52

For those of you thinking that this could possible be a dupe for Cult Nails - Seduction, I am sorry to disappoint while they both are in a purple base, and have gold shimmer in the flakies, he flakies in Layla - CE52 is leaning red and green, while the flakies in Cult Nails - Seduction is leaning blue. Layla - CE52 is also denser.
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  1. Really pretty layering! Love how the flakies pop over the purple!!!

    1. It's gorgeous isn't it. I just love flakies for fall and winter season.

  2. I love dark color nail polishes, this is soo beautiful combination.

  3. Purple. Flakies. That's perfection. <3


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